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Air Conditioning & Heating Checklist When Buying a House

Air Conditioning & Heating Checklist When Buying a House

If you want to find a great home, it's worth getting your hands a little dirty. Shopping for a new home means looking past that fresh coat of paint and doing some digging to see if any bigger problems are lurking beneath the surface.

It's Likely that a few issues may come up during the inspection, but it's smart to check things out before you put down that deposit. Finding a problem doesn't mean you can't buy the house, it just helps you get a better idea of what lies ahead.

When it comes to your HVAC unit you will definitely want to check the heating and cooling system to see if its in good working order. Ask the age of the system, turn it on and off, take a look at the ductwork and see if the filters fit appropriately. Listen to how the air conditioning and heating system sounds when its running. Look for rust or dirt on the equipment. Ask if the current owner has had ongoing regular preventative maintenance on the system. If you're satisfied with what you have found, pay close attention to that inspection report. Your inspector should test the system as well and give you an more in depth report.

If you think the system might need replacing, we can certainly give you a quote for a replacement. If you do need a new unit, you may be able to get the homeowner to reduce the selling price by the amount of the replacement cost.

Call us today at 404-583-7788. The Air Company of Georgia can come out and do an inspection of the system. Our licensed and proficient Technicians will give you an idea of how the system has been treated and what you can look at going forward.

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