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The Air Company Partners posing for a photo in front of an hvac building

Our Vision Statement

January 2024

The Air Company will be the foremost provider of HVACR and related services in the Greater Atlanta Area. Over the past several years, we have demonstrated consistent growth in revenue and clientele. Our vision is to significantly expand our services, Partners (employees) and revenue in the years ahead.

At the core of our identity is the pride we take in our Brand and our dedicated partners. AIR stands as a brand synonymous with Excellence, a quality that our partners must embody in their service delivery. We are creating a culture where individuals become part of an exciting venture—a place where people choose to work because they experience honesty, integrity, and opportunities for learning and growth. AIR is more than a workplace; it's a family. We firmly believe that by taking care of our partners, they, in turn, will take care of our clients.

Recognizing that clients seek us for Excellence in knowledge and service delivery, we commit to maintaining a high standard of expertise and performance. Each day, we function as an excellent team, dedicated to fulfilling our brand commitment: delivering Excellence. In today's HVACR marketplace, where excellence is often minimal, we understand that clients demand and deserve superior service.

The company's focal points are Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Work Ethic, and Clear Communication. These values are evident in our daily interactions with each other and in the service we provide to our clients.

What sets AIR apart is not only our commitment to what the Brand stands for but also the exceptional drive of our partners. We thrive in situations where we can showcase our skill set and actively seek opportunities every day to provide Excellence in everything we do.

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