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Common Air Conditioning Problems Every Homeowner Should Know About

Common Air Conditioning Problems Every Homeowner Should Know About

Common Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners Need to Know About

Whether we like it or not, at some point we will face an issue with our heating and cooling systems in our homes. Therefore, it's better to be aware of the common problems we might face in the future, so we know how to deal with them or who to contact to help! These problems can range from a simple dirty filter to blown fuses and tripped breakers. Don't worry, at The Air Company of Georgia, we have your back!

Lack of Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance of your HVAC system is a MUST and will not only prevent you the cost in the inconvenience of future issues but also in the cost of money you will spend if you don't keep up with proper maintenance. Many of the most common HVAC problems could be totally avoided with proper maintenance from a certified contractor like The Air Company of Georgia. If you neglect proper maintenance you will almost be guaranteed to face a multitude of issues likes unexpected and expensive breakdowns, an overall increase of energy cost, and overall poor performance of your HVAC system. ​

You may ask yourself what exactly goes into "proper maintenance"? While this is usually done by a certified contract, we believe it's also important for you to know what this might entail. The top three actions surrounding proper maintenance include replacing filters every 1-6 months, inspecting fans, bearings and belts usually around twice annually, and inspecting the area around air intake twice annually as well.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are one of many culprits that will give you some issues when they are not replaced. Even more, replacing dirty filters regularly is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life and efficiency of your furnace. You may ask why? Well, that's because dirty filters end up restricting airflow which causes your home unit to work much harder to circulate the air throughout your home. A dirty filter can even cause the furnace to overheat and shut off once it reaches its "high limit". How do you know if your air filter is dirty? It's actually quite easy. Just take a look! Air filters when new and freshly placed are generally white in color. Over time, the air filter becomes gray and looks as if it may be collecting dust. That's how you know it time to give it a change! If it's a hot summer day or even night and you think you're a/c isn't "working" or it seems to be blowing hot air, you may also want to take a look at your air filter.

Blown Fuses and Tripped Breakers

Lastly comes blown fuses and tripped breakers. This may sound like a different language to some people, but here at The Air Company of Georgia we are always here to help you out. Blown fuses and tripped breakers are often caused by… you guessed it - those dirty filters. The most common reason your furnace trips a circuit breaker is because the blower is overworking. Why is it overworking? Because when something is blocking the airflow to your system, the blocker has to work harder in return. The "something" in many cases is a dirty air filter, as it has to work harder to force air through the filter.

What do you do? While we recommend reaching out a professional, if you do want to check it out yourself, we recommend checking the filter and replacing it before resetting your circuit breaker. If the problem still persists reach out to us here at The Air Company of Georgia and we can determine the culprit. Other issues that can make the blower overwork include duct leaks, closed or blocked - off air registers and dirty coils!

The Air Company of Georgia

These are just a few of the many things that could possibly go wrong with your HVAC system. Some more complicated than others. Big or small reach out to your preferred HVAC technician, they can handle it all! So, don't question it, we have your back! We are pros at solving all your HVAC problems. We would love to help you in whatever way you may need. Big, small, hot, or cold… count on us as your go to HVAC technicians, contact us today!

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