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Dehumidifier's can boost your homes comfort

Dehumidifier's can boost your homes comfort

High humidity levels are common in southern areas, and while Georgia may be known for its brilliant sunshine and warm climate, it also is known for being humid. Humidity can creep into a home through gaps in door and window seals as well as when you open your doors. This moist air can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable in your home, and it can also make the air seem warmer than it actually is. Investing in a dehumidifier for your home is a great way to boost your comfort level while indoors. Here are 3 ways a dehumidifier can boost your home's comfort.

1. Reduce Indoor Humidity

Indoor humidity is an unfortunately common problem for Georgia homeowners, and it can make your interior environment uncomfortable. With high humidity levels in the home, your skin may feel damp, clammy or warm. A dehumidifier can be used to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, which can help eliminate that moist feeling that makes you uncomfortable indoors.

2. Make the Air Feel Cooler

High humidity levels often make the air feel warmer than it actually is, and this can add to how uncomfortable you may feel at home. When the humidity level is reduced, you may be able to keep your home's temperature at a higher setting without feeling uncomfortably warm. If you find that your home typically feels warmer than you would like it to be, a dehumidifier may be a great solution.

3. Decrease Your Reliance on Your Cooling System

Running your cooling system is one way to keep the humidity level low in your home, but this can make your energy bills high. You may find that you run your AC on even nice weather days because of the humidity. With a dehumidifier, you can decrease your reliance on your cooling system and can enjoy the energy savings.

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