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HVAC-R Equipment Review

HVAC-R Equipment Review

Every year The Air Company of Georgia does an exhaustive review of every single piece of equipment and parts that we install. We couple our review along with an amalgamation of third party ratings. We do this to ensure we are selling and installing the very best.

Many companies do not undertake this process, simply put they can't be bothered, and are often never asked about the quality of the parts and equipment.

The Air Company of Georgia undertakes this exhaustive undertaking every year. We look at basic things as the quality of the screws we use all the way to the most complex systems that we install and EVERYTHING in between. We do this because our customers deserve this, and it enables us to continually provide "Best In Class" delivery.

The Air Company of Georgia dials in on key contributors to long term success. These typically center around durability, quality of materials, RND, long term stress testing, just to name a few. Another major component is "Overall Client Satisfaction". We feel many of these metrics are crucial to client success.

Our Annual Review is a key Hallmark Event for The Air Company of Georgia. It is one of the key differentiators between The Air Company of Georgia and our competitors.

If you would like more information on our findings specific to your needs, or our excellence in execution, please reach out to us!

Wishing you Much Success this year!

Christopher Marek
The AIR Company
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