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Air Conditioning Repair and Service

The AIR Co. in Decatur, GA is your go-to for heating and AC needs. We offer transparent pricing on all our services, so you can trust you're getting a fair deal. Everyone gets the same price, and every repair comes with a one-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When the Georgia heat is at its peak, you can rely on The AIR Co. to keep your family cool and comfortable. Our team is committed to providing high-quality air conditioning repair, service, maintenance, and installation.

We know how crucial it is to have a dependable AC unit, especially in the summer. Whether you need a quick fix or a brand-new installation, trust The AIR Co. to meet and exceed your expectations. Stay comfortable year-round with our professional air conditioning services.

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Why The AIR Co?

The AIR Company of Georgia is a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in serving the Decatur community.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are dedicated to ensuring your total satisfaction. At The AIR Co, we treat every client like family, going above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience. From repairs to services to answering any questions, we are here to help. Choose The AIR Co for all your HVAC needs and experience the difference.

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Decatur AC Maintenance Plans

Investing in The Air Company of Georgia's All Inclusive Preventative Maintenance Plan for just $159 per year is smart for homeowners looking to keep their heating and air conditioning systems running smoothly. With bi-annual check-ups from certified technicians, you can ensure that your equipment is operating at its peak performance, leading to greater energy efficiency and fewer issues.

Not only will this save you money on your utility bills, but it will also extend the life of your equipment and reduce the need for emergency repairs. With priority response for service calls and discounts on repairs, this maintenance plan is a valuable investment that will save you money from the first service call.

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We make it easy! Whether you need a repair, regular maintenance, or a system replacement, we've got you covered! Don't stress over a surprise breakdown, we're here for you any time day or night with 24/7 emergency service!

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Our expert techs will diagnose the issue and explain the best solutions for your system. We'll provide a free, straightforward estimate before we begin. Then, with your approval, we'll get to work!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will follow-up with you within 24 hours to make sure all your needs have been met. If not, let us know! We'll do everything we can to make it right.

Common Problems That Cause AC Systems to Malfunction

A malfunctioning AC system can be a major inconvenience, especially during the hot summer months.

The top four most common problems that can cause an AC system to malfunction include lack of refrigerant in the system, dirty condenser coils, blocked drain tubes, and faulty sensors or electrical controls. Low refrigerant levels are often the result of a leak or improper installation, forcing the system to work harder to generate cold air.

A dirty condenser coil can prevent the refrigerant from condensing properly, reducing the system's efficiency. Blocked drain tubes can cause water to back up into the unit, hindering its function.

Faulty sensors or electrical controls can disrupt the power flow to the AC, causing it to run constantly or not turn on at all. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help prevent these common issues and keep your AC system running smoothly.

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